The course is on course

I am so enjoying my C & G Creative Textiles course.  Only trouble is (which is fairly typical of me) that I am behind with the work and setting stuff into my book.

As I was on my hols for two weeks, the tutor gave me permission to attend the other day of the course, to catch up.  So, I now have two weeks’ homework to get together – eek!  Ah well, who doesn’t want to play about with machine embroidery, stitches and quilting.

Another trouble is that we have blummin’ Halloween on the horizon.  With one granddaughter needing a pumpkin outfit and the other wanting a ‘Dead Alice’ from Alice in Wonderland, constumes making, I am a tad busy.

I also have meetings, supervision and reports to do for my two existing students, and another new student starting mid-November.

Oh, and since returning from my hols on a ship housing 2,500 people, of 62 different nations, I’ve caught a stinker of a cold from the air con on two aeroplanes, and travelling home for two days, gah.



About fancythreads

I knit while sitting by the woodburner in my wee cottage; and sew in my lovely workroom, which has a skylight to watch the clouds scud past. I dream up what to knit, sew and create, all the time.
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