City & Guilds update-ish.

Well, I’m back at college for my second year of City & Guilds.  I have had to miss several sessions due to holidays and then illness, and it kind of gets me out of the ‘zone’ as it were.  Consequently, I am struggling  a bit with getting my ideas to formulate some sort of plan.

I have started with an aim to do something around a wedding veil – a golden wedding veil.

Not just from the royal wedding of earlier this year, but also a very lovely friend of ours was married in May and a beautiful cousin was married in July.  Hence, we were wedding-ed out.  Then, I saw some veil samples and fell in love with one in a golden colour.

At the end of last term we had a workshop on layering and I did a piece that included a purple and yellow tartan, with words from Scottish wedding services, as well as the rings.

My sketchbook has since been full of experiments in the shape of netting and lace.  I did start to go off on a tangent of oranges and reds when playing with colour, but need to come back to the purple and yellow, somehow.


About fancythreads

I knit while sitting by the woodburner in my wee cottage; and sew in my lovely workroom, which has a skylight to watch the clouds scud past. I dream up what to knit, sew and create, all the time.
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