Still at it!

Yup, still at it with the course, and as usual I am behind.  What’s new?  Nothing.  Except, I now have all the elements of my project in mind; and mostly how I’m going to do it – even to how the elements will fit together.

Just one hold up – roses.  In the back of the hanging panel are five roses – from a fertile rosebud of the woman as a bride, through to her blossoming, then in full bloom.  The last two are of her fading, with petals falling, and the ‘elderly’, frail and dried flowerhead.

I have pictures of roses, lino printing has been explored, as has appliqué, aqua-bonding and machine-satin stitching.  But, really all I want to do is hand stitching.  There, I’ve said it.  I love holding onto a needle and thread.  And, I might just do it by hand.  But, the front panels – yum! they are to be hand stitched, aqua-bonded – I just decided!

Thanks for listening to my waffling. x

Next is colour.  It will still be gold, yellow and green.  Yellow roses mean happiness and joy, I found out.


About fancythreads

I knit while sitting by the woodburner in my wee cottage; and sew in my lovely workroom, which has a skylight to watch the clouds scud past. I dream up what to knit, sew and create, all the time.
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